Platforms bracket for roof tile with EPDM About Company Catalog
Platforms bracket for roof tile with EPDM About Company Catalog
Platforms bracket for roof tile with EPDM About Company Catalog
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Ekochron is a major manufacturer of roof hardware in Poland, and builds its presence abroad.

The company produces high quality construction materials with a special focus on finish elements for all kinds of roofs....

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The catalogue we have developed for you contains all our products and assembly guidelines, so you may get more familiar with their performances and applications, and be safer in work on the roof. You are invited to learn about Ekochron Brand products.
After some years of next to no snow, nature comes back with a vengence. Houses built in early 1990s had no protection against sliding snow. Expected and widely discussed global warming made investors hope they would have no use for such a protection, and snow fences could be put to no other use than to build a home vineyard. Now, particularly after…


Behind the high quality of Ekochron roof accessories is a precisely planned production cycle. Find out how benches, snow retention components, and other roof hardware elements are produced step by step.


Welcome to our new, remodelled website www.ekochron.pl! It is clearer and better structured now. Designed in the responsive technology, it may be easily used in various devices (smartphones, tablets).


The company uses a proprietary laboratory and powder paint-shop facilities and draws from skilled and experienced people, compliance with norms, cooperation with ITB and TZUS building research institutes, ISO-9001, and other factors instrumental in the high quality of our products.

43-426 Dębowiec
Ogrodzona, ul. Przemysłowa 15
Upper Silesia, Poland
GPS coordinates:
N 49.77150 E 18.72535
phone +48 33 857 90 10
fax. +48 33 856 28 84